Saturday, April 6, 2013

A new Beginning

Posted by Kelvin Wangchuk

New Beginnings brings new hopes and new hopes bring new dreams
I've always wanted a blog and now that I have one,I've realized that owning a blog is hard work.
Its almost like "All work and no play".Seriously mates it almost took me a week just to think about an intro for this blog.
I wanted something "original".

Anyway enough talk and lets get to my information.My name is Kelden Wangchuk.I am a buddhist from Bhutan,a land known for nature's bounty.I am currently living in Wangduephodrang and studying in Bajo Higher secondary school.Im in grade 10.Knowing myself I can be a bit of hotheaded at times but please don't mind that.The movie I like is Twilight Saga(who doesn't),Harry Potter and lots more.I'm totally into playing the guitar but not of an expert at the moment.I like to have any types of freinds tall,short,strong,weak,young,old and ETC.I would appreciate it if you would share my blog on facebook,twitter and any other social network.Last but not the least:


  1. You sort of inspire me, in some weird way. Haha

  2. Sure...I see it as soon as possible


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